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TURMERIC [Root, Grade A]

TURMERIC [Root, Grade A]
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Brand: INDIA
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Latin name: Curcuma longa, Curcuma domestica
Content: 100% natural Turmeric (whole root, grade A).
How To Use: ground Turmeric or Yellow Ginger is added to rice dishes (pilaf), egg and meat dishes, fish, seafood and poultry, sauces, marinades, soups, yogurts, vegetable salads and stews as well as to provide a color to condiments, mustard, cheese and drinksis the component of the Spice King ® premium blends: Australian Red Desert, American Orange Pepper, Middle Eastern Ras el hanout, Spanish Pinchito, South African Chakalaka, Thai Indochina.

Benefits of Turmeric for health: detailed here.
Nutrition value (per 100 g):   354 ccal
CARBOHYDRATES 64.9  g                     PROTEINS 7.8 g                    FATS 9.9 g
Minerals:                                       Vitamins:
K - 2525 mg                                 С  - 25.9 mg                  
P - 268 mg                                   РР - 5.1 mg    
Mg - 193 mg                                 Е  - 3.1 mg 
Ca - 183 mg                                  B6  - 1.8 mg
Fe - 41.4 mg                                 В2  - 0.23 mg
Na - 38 mg                                    В9  - 39 mcg

  • 100ml PET jar - 50 g net weight - USD 2.10 (USD 42.00/kg).
Keep in dry and cool place.
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