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BLACK GARLIC [whole bulbs]

BLACK GARLIC [whole bulbs]
Latin name: Allium sativum

Ingredients: 100% natural black garlic (fermented, whole bulbs), premium.
How To Use: Black garlic can be eaten raw (in sauces, salads, cheese plates, marinades for beef and chicken) as well as cooked, stewed and fried (in bouillons, cereals, with vegetables, mushrooms and chicken, in a mince for meat balls and kebabs), and in the form of both whole peeled cloves and a paste-puree replacing butter and mayo (for sandwiches).

Nutrition value (per 100 g):  233 ccal
CARBOHYDRATES 49.1 g                     PROTEIN 6.2 g                  FAT 0 g


100% natural, no GMO, no additives like soium glutamate, sweeteners and preservatives.

Keep in dry and cool place.
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