Превышен лимит товаров для текущего тарифного плана


ISOT PEPPER Crushed (other names: Isot Biber, Urfa Biber).

Latin name: Capsicum annuum.

Ingredients: 100% natural Isot Pepper (crushed).
How To Use: Isot Pepper or Urfa Pepper is the hot variety of vegetable red bell pepper, which has a smoky aroma, a flavor of raisins and a mild heat  that develops more slowly, but lasts longer than in middlehot chili peppers; in Turkish, Kurdish and Armenian cuisines it is used in Çiğ köfte raw meat-balls, Middle Eastern Lahmacun pizza, lamb, beef.

Packing sizes (the best price is for 10+ equal units):
     from USD 2.60 per 1 jar (USD 43.33/kg) for 10+ pieces
     from USD 7.10 per 1 jar (USD 28.40/kg) for 10+ pieces
     from USD  per 1 jar (USD ) for 10+ pieces
Keep in dry and cool place.

A Lot Of Cuisines.
The Only King!


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