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LAVENDER [Buds, cleared from stems]

LAVENDER [Buds, cleared from stems]

LAVENDER Spice King Buds cleared from stems

Latin name: Lavandula.

Ingredients: 100% natural lavender (buds, cleared from stems).

Lavender buds
have sweet aroma and lemon citrus taste and they are widely used in French, Italian, Spanish and American cuisines as a seasoning for pasta, salads, sheep and goat cheese, desserts (chocolate and marshmallows), to aromatize pastry, tea, syrups and alcoholic drinks.

Nutrition Value (per 100 g):  23 ccal
CARBOHYDRATES 0.2 g                   
PROTEIN 3.99 g                 
FAT 0.69 g


Packing sizes (the best price is for 10+ equal units):

     from USD 2.80 per 1 jar (USD 140.00/kg) for 10+ pieces
       from USD 3.60 per 1 jar (USD 144.00/kg) for 10+ pieces
     from USD 7.40 per 1 jar (USD 105.71/kg) for 10+ pieces
     from USD 12.10 per 1 jar (USD 80.67) for 10+ pieces

Keep in dry and cool place.

A Lot Of Cuisines.
The Only King!


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