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ORANGE PEPPER [American Fusion Taste Blend]

ORANGE PEPPER [American Fusion Taste Blend]
Hot New! Salt-Free
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Spice King Premium Blends: we have created this Premium Blends series of carefully selected herbs and gourmet spices to meet your most passionate expectations for luxuriating with wonderful dishes of different cuisines from all around the world and for all tastes. And regardless of the choice, you can be sure that only high quality 100% natural ingredients and great prices await you in each jar of the Spice King seasoning blend.

American Fusion Taste Blend for 
meat, fish, vegetables, fruit salads, eggs, cocktails, pastry, chocolate

Ingredients: Orange peel, turmeric, black pepper, Demerara brown cane sugar, Cayenne pepper. SALT-FREE.

100% natural, no additives.
Heat level: 2/10 (Medium Hot) by Spice King Blends' Heatness Scale.
How To Use: Orange Pepper is the universal light spicy and citrus fusion mixture of orange, black and cayenne peppers, with a useful pinch of turmeric and demerara sugar for meat, fish, vegetables, fruit salads, eggs, tomatoes, cocktails, pastry and chocolate. SALT-FREE.

Packing sizes (the best price is for 10+ equal units):
  • 1x100ml PET jar - 50 grams net weight - USD 8.50/jar (USD 170.00/kg);
     from USD 2.40 per 1 jar (USD 48.00/kg) for 10+ pieces
  • 450ml PET jar - 250 grams net weight - USD 13.10/jar (USD 52.40/kg);
     from USD 7.10 per 1 jar (USD 28.40/kg) for 10+ pieces
  • 1L PET jar - 500 grams net weight - USD 17.80/jar (USD 35.60/kg).
     from USD 11.80 per 1 jar (USD 23.60) for 10+ pieces
Keep in dry and cool place.

A Lot Of Cuisines.
The Only King!

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