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OREGANO HIRTUM [Leaves & flowers cut, premium]

OREGANO HIRTUM [Leaves & flowers cut, premium]
OREGANO HIRTUM Leaves & Flowers Cut Spice King

Latin name: Origánum vulgáre L. ssp. hirtum.

Ingredients: Oregano Hirtum.

100% natural, no additives.
How To Use: Oregano Hirtum or Greek wild mountain oregano is made from dried leaves and flowers only and does not contain stems, it has unique strong aroma and pleasantly sharp piquant taste due to high content of oregano oil, which significantly distinguishes it from other types of oregano. It is added to pizza, pasta, toasts (hot sandwiches), egg, mushroom, cheese, tomato and fish dishes, crabs, fried barbecue, sausages, poultry and game, baked pork, lamb and potatoes, soup, vegetable salads and beans, vinegars, pickles, and to drinks like kvass and beer.

Premium Oregano HirtumOrigánum vulgáre L. ssp. Hirtum is carefully harvested on private natural plantations, dried by traditional methods and hand-sorted by a group of foresters from Greece's largest Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is considered the best culinary species of oregano in the world, with high content of carvacrol (cymophenol) in an oregano oil – an organic compound with antiseptic properties stronger than antibiotics have.     

Warning! Very intense taste can cause spasms! Add carefully in smaller amounts! 

Packing sizes (the best price is for 10+ equal units):
     from USD 2.80 per 1 jar (USD 140.00/kg) for 10+ pieces
       from USD 3.60 per 1 jar (USD 144.00/kg) for 10+ pieces
     from USD 7.40 per 1 jar (USD 105.71/kg) for 10+ pieces
     from USD 12.10 per 1 jar (USD 80.67) for 10+ pieces
Keep in dry and cool place.

A Lot Of Cuisines.
The Only King!
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