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STEVIA [Chopped leaves]

Brand: INDIA
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STEVIA Chopped leaves (other names: Sweetleaf, Sugarleaf).

Latin name: Stévia rebaudiana

Ingredients: 100% natural Stevia (leaves chopped).
How To Use: Stevia or Sweetleaf, Sugarleaf is widely used as a sweetener for mate and other teas and as a safe noncaloric sugar substitute because of its sweet leaves that up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. In high concentrations it may be bitter, having licorice-like aftertaste. Stevia has pharmacological effects for people with hypertension or with type-2 diabetes.

Packing sizes (the best price is for 10+ equal units):
  • 1x100ml PET jar - 25 grams net weight - USD 8.20/jar (USD 328.00/kg);
     from USD 2.10 per 1 jar (USD 84.00/kg) for 10+ pieces
  • 450ml PET jar - 100 grams net weight - USD 10.70/jar (USD 107.00/kg);
     from USD 4.70 per 1 jar (USD 47.00/kg) for 10+ pieces
  • 1L PET jar - 200 grams net weight - USD 13.00/jar (USD 65.00/kg).
     from USD 6.90 per 1 jar (USD 34.50) for 10+ pieces

Keep in dry and cool place.
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