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TASMANIAN PEPPER (Australian Mountain Pepper), Dried Berries.

Latin name: Tasmannia lanceolata

Ingredients: 100% natural Tasmanian pepper (dried berries).

How To Use: Tasmanian pepper or Australian Mountain Pepper has a sweet, then intensely spicy taste that quickly dies and passes into a pleasant numbness and fruit-eucalyptus aroma, it is added to a game (kangaroo and emu), red meat, tuna steaks, cheese, fish, sauces, pasta and pastry.

Packing sizes (the best price is for 10+ equal units):

  • 1x100ml PET jar - 40 grams net weight - USD 16.60/jar (USD 415.00/kg);

     from USD 10.60 per 1 jar (USD 265.00/kg) for 10+ pieces

  • 450ml PET jar - 180 grams net weight - USD 48.90/jar (USD 271.67/kg);

     from USD 42.90 per 1 jar (USD 238.33/kg) for 10+ pieces

  • 1L PET jar - 400 grams net weight - USD 97.90 /jar (USD 244.75 /kg).

     from USD 91.90 per 1 jar (USD 229.75/kg) for 10+ pieces

Keep in dry and cool place.

A Lot Of Cuisines.
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